Company Profile

Tyres - one basic need of the automobile industry that now has a more interesting and important role in this modern world of rapidly – growing automobile trends and demands. This increasing demand of the automobiles motivates the quest for new technology in the tire cord industry, which is the most important part of the tyres used in the automobiles. Machines using state-of-the-art technology are designed to increase production and produce better NYLON TIRE CORDS to meet the requirement of growing worldwide demand. It has become very important that spare parts for such machineries are of high quality for durability and strength as well as reasonably priced so that the cost of finished products remains competitive. Fylfot has been highly successful in its endeavor to match the quality and the demands of the textile industry of the international market.

" FYLFOT " a 100% EXPORT ORIENTED UNIT is continuously involved in developing the spare parts for various sections of textile industry like Simplex, Spinning, Twisting, Weaving, etc. for producers of Nylon Tire cord and man-made fibers/fabrics. With its wide range of products for tire cord and textile machines of all makes covering mainly European, American etc. at competitive prices, convenient quantities and desired quality

" FYLFOT " is widely accepted throughout the world.

" FYLFOT ", thus, endeavors to cater quality spare parts for your textile machinery to best suit for your overall requirement. Fylfot Industries has developed a strong goodwill for its genuine and quality products in the International Market through its sales network it has maintained a regular supply to its client’s world over. The company has a branch office in Singapore, which takes care of the sales directly to the textile mills of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and China etc. The company with its American collaboration supplies to various textile mills of America, Canada & Latin America. Finally, the sales representatives of the company handle exports to giant textile mills of Iran, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Greece, Turkey etc.


We intend to continue with Innovation and Perseverance in the field of excellence and celebrate perfection by providing you quality spares for Cord Cabling Machines.

To build strong relationships with our customers through excellent service and quality at competitive rates.

To give the best possible quality in the least possible time.

To cater to the Markets World Over.


To continuously increase the large customer base, thereby benefiting all the stakeholders and laying the base for expansion and growth.

To continuously strive for quality and delivery in the field of business.